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Choosing the Right Social Media Channels and Encouraging Engagement

Social Media Marketing - Module 5

What You Will Learn

This course lays the foundation of social media marketing and how it fits into your business.  

Social Media Marketing is a vital element of every forward-thinking marketing plan. The beauty of social media marketing is that you can engage in a two-way conversation with current and potential customers. Social media marketing can be engaging, targeted, flexible, affordable, and trackable -- if done correctly.

You will learn: 
  • What social media marketing entails and why it is essential to your business

  • Who uses social media, so you know where to connect with your audience

  • Myths about social media and how it is different from traditional marketing

  • How social media fits into your company's marketing strategy

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Sherry Hartnett 


Dr. Sherry Hartnett is a highly

respected marketing and

leadership consultant and


In her courses, Sherry merges the theory taught in a traditional classroom setting with more than three decades of experience, providing a real-world marketing experience. She has earned prestigious faculty excellence in teaching awards and is delighted to see her students and clients prosper and flourish. 

Sherry's mission is to share her marketing and leadership knowledge, expertise, and connections to help people succeed in their careers and lives.

Key Course Details


100% Online. 


Start instantly and learn at your own pace.


4 video learning lessons, with comprehensive step-by-step instruction. 


Downloadable tools including resource links to help you stay current on social media trends. 


Practice quiz to reinforce your learning. 


Estimated time to complete: 45-60 minutes. 


And the opportunity to apply the content immediately to your social media marketing. 

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It's easy to forget that social media marketing is more than just a quick post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter in today's hustle-and-bustle world. It's time to get reacquainted with social media marketing fundamentals and truly set yourself up to succeed.

Is This the Right Course for Me?


This course is ideal for: 

Small Business Owners who juggle many goals, commitments, and actions every day.  You have your own business, and you're also the marketing person.  


Entrepreneurs looking to grow your business. You know you should be doing social media marketing, but you just don't know where to start. 


Social Media Marketing Employees who want to learn how to better manage their social media marketing efforts.  Get that extra edge to prove yourself to your boss.


New to Marketing and wanting to succeed in your job.  In this course, you'll get a solid foundation in social media marketing on which to build.  

ANYONE looking to understand the power of social media marketing. This course benefits anyone with an interest in social media marketing who is seeking to develop their skills or looking to change careers.

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Small Business Owner

  • Owns a food truck.

  • Two full-time employees.

  • One part-time employee.

  • His business has been "ok." Just "ok." He would like it to be better. People seem to like his food but since he moves around town, he's not in the same place every day, and people can't find him. He wants to use social media to inform people where his truck will be and specials for the week.     

Young Businesswoman


Social Media Marketing Employee

  • A one-person Marketing Dept.

  • 6-years of general marketing experience with the company.

  • Brianna is a one-person, do-it-all marketing department for a small company. Budgets are tight and she needs more low-cost marketing options.  She wants to find out how social media can get more customers involved and engaged with their brand.     



New to Marketing

  • Recently graduated from college.

  • Majored in Communications.

  • Just got her first job with a company.

  • She was added to the social media team (a team of two). She had a social media course in college but is quickly learning that she needs to know more -- MUCH MORE!    

Businessman with Glasses


Interested in Social Media

  • 52 years old.

  • Alex worked for the same company for 22 years.  

  • He's now looking to start a second career and needs to add more skills to his resume. 

  • He believes that by getting a better understanding of social media marketing, he can add value to what he brings to the table.    

What's in This Course? 

Video lessons / Resources / Practice Quiz / and more

Course time: approximately 45-60 minutes

An Overview from the Instructor

Dr. Hartnett will walk you through an overview of how the course is structured and what you will be learning, so you have the information you need to get started. 

How to Use this Course

This overview will teach you how to get around in the course software and move through the lessons so you can spend your time with the course material rather than figuring out the technology.

Lesson 1 - What is Social Media Marketing

5:50 min. 

Why social media marketing is important to businesses today. 

Lesson 2 - Who Uses Social Media

9:55 min. 

Connecting with your audience on social media. 

Lesson 3 - Social Media Marketing: Overcoming Myths

7:45 min. 

Understanding how social media marketing is different from traditional marketing. 

Lesson 4 - How Social Media fits into Your Marketing Strategy

15:10 min.

Adding social media tactics to your multi-channel campaign. 

A Wrap-up from the Instructor

Dr. Hartnett will recap what you learned in this course and give you suggestions on getting started. Finally, she'll talk through how you can continue building on what you have learned.   

Course Resources

We provide you with downloadable tools including success lists, templates, or other resources to help you apply what you learned in this course. 

Practice Quiz

A learning tool to help you evaluate how well you understood the material presented in this course and a guide to areas that you need to revisit. 

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